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Haiti 2019

As we look back on 2018, we look back on all the children who touched out lives. The little ones who were fortunate to start school and get that education they thought was out of reach. The children we watched grow through middle school to become young adults in their final years of high school. And those who graduated and are moving on to university with the same determination they had when they were the little ones starting school. And we remember yet again, why the sisters work so hard; why our sponsors provide so much, why our volunteers work so tirelessly. And it's all worth it.
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The goal of Haitian Outreach is to assist The Daughters of Mary Queen Immaculate of Haiti to continue their work educating the poorest of the poor. For Haiti to grow into it's own economically healthy country, operated by Haitians, education is no. 1. Education must be accessible to everyone.

By assisting the sisters, we are educating more children each year. Haitian Outreach's Child Sponsorship Program provides funds, school supplies, clothing and food for a child to go to school from Kindergarten on to college. There are fewer families living in sheet tents and less fear in the faces of the children.

What is it about? Who does it help?

The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Queen Immaculate of Haiti was founded in 1971 by Mother Monique, a native Haitian, (then 55 years of age) and young Sister Gibbs. Mother Monique was answering what she felt was a very "strong call" to rescue young homeless street girls' to provide them with shelter, food, and proper training to enable them to find employment. Mother Monique died in 1997. Her final wish was that her "Sisters" be not forgotten. The Sisters operate a shelter (Our Lady of Good Refuge) for homeless girls (14 to 20 years old), a novitiate (currently 5 novices), a fish farm, elementary school, sewing school at Lilavois, an elementary school at Saut d'Eau. A school (Lalue) in downtown Port-au-Prince—1500+ students, elementary schools in Damassin, Roche A Bateau, Jeremie, Des Coteaux and a school Croix des Bouquets. Also mission houses at each location. The sisters are 1 of 2 all Haitian religious order of women serving their homeland.

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