Haitian Outreach

A Note from the Director

February 2010

Dear sponsors and friends of Haitian Outreach,

As our Haitian family tries to survive from another unbelievable attack by mother nature, I wish to send you thanks for your prayers and monetary assistance to the sisters and those they serve.

As you can imagine they are having a difficult time. They have lost their shelter, and presently live under make shift tents made of sheets. You are also probably aware that we lost 20 of those we loved, two sisters, fifteen homeless girls from the shelter, and five of these young ladies bodies to this day three weeks after the first quake are not yet recovered, and also our dear friend and number one driver Richard Charles and his two beautiful daughters. Our hearts go out to their surviving family members, we know that with the good Lords help, they and we will continue on with His work.

Now for some good news, A friend of Haitian Outreach, Pat Scorzelli a general contractor from Fitchburg, MA. has offered his expertise to our sisters in Haiti, and will be going to St. Marie in Canapé Vert this week to assess the damage and come up with a plan for reconstruction, our prayers and thanks go with him.

Thank you all for your concern and continued prayers, and be assured that as we receive any information on your sponsored child, we will get that information to you as quickly as possible.

God bless you and your families,

Norman H. Charpentier