Haitian Outreach

Haitian Outreach Newsletter - April 2015

Dear Sponsors/Supporters

Our education program closed October 29, 2014 with 296 children receiving tuition, a uniform and a backpack. A group of eight recently returned from Haiti on March 24th and were successful in delivering backpacks, bins, and rice money to many children.

Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz have become the co-directors of the program with the prayers and assistance of the parishioners of St. Bernard church at St. Camillus parish in Fitchburg, MA. It has become apparent that God wants this ministry to continue to aid the children of Haiti to receive an education. Louis and Claire did an outstanding job and we thank them for continuing what Lorrie & Norman Charpentier started in 1998.

The sisters of the Order of the Queen Mary Immaculate manage five schools St. Marie, Croix des Bouquet, Lilavois, Lalue and Mother Monique and need our help to keep the children in school and keep the schools functioning. As you can imagine this is a great undertaking, but we are all up for the challenge. The Sisters gave us a "Wish List". Please go to our website to view this list; if you are able to help with any of these projects, send donations to Pauline and note the specific wish from the list.

Our Education program for the 2015-2016 school year will begin with a change in location. We are temporarily housed in the lower level of the old St. Bernard's church on Water St. in Fitchburg. We are still hoping to obtain a more permanent space. Keep us in your prayers.

Donations and backpacks can be dropped off around the back of the church building on Middle Street. Please call ahead to verify that someone will be there to meet you: Pauline Aliskevicz 978-807-4397, Rose Mary Richard 978-580-1812, and Judy Hebert 978-870-9585.