Haitian Outreach

Haitian Outreach Newsletter - January 2017

Haitian Outreach would like to Wish Everyone a very Happy Healthy New Year!

Haitian Outreach had a very successful 2016 thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors who support our mission to “Educate the Children of Haiti”. A total of 116- 45 gal bins filled with backpacks, clothing, school supplies, food, and a new pr. of shoes were shipped to Haiti in 2016. The first shipment was delayed in port due to the overwhelming amount of goods going in for Hurricane relief. The cost for shipping to Haiti is our greatest expense and came to $10,440.00. Thanks to assistance from our donors we were able to send these along. Our second shipment is due in port any time now.

A total of 334 children received tuition assistance, a uniform, and immunizations for the September 2016 school year. We have taken on another school and presently assist 6 schools in Haiti. The Sisters of the Queen Mary Immaculate order have asked for assistance with 3 other schools they manage. These 3 schools were destroyed during Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to donations we sent $3,000.00 in donations for hurricane relief. The sisters have been able to put together a make-shift school and purchase school books, etc. to continue to teach the children. They did not want the children in those areas to lose precious school time. Unfortunately, it will take time to rebuild schools and homes. Some are sleeping out in the weather right now. Our other 6 schools are safe and unharmed.

God has graced us with space and funding to assist children in Haiti and He wants us to continue the important work we do. Through generous donations from St. Bernard’s parishioners we were able to sponsor all children on our list. We still have children who need individual sponsorship to continue school.

We have 3 college students who graduated in 2016: Kenny Jean Louis-Electronics; Stephania Janvier-Banking; and Betty Delva- who received a scholarship for Bridgewater State where she is hoping to continue her education for the next two years. We are very proud of all of them and their hard work. They promise to come see us in March and assist with translations.

Please keep our group of 13 volunteers in your prayers for a safe trip in March: Pauline, Rose Mary, Jeannette, Joan, Greg, Mary from California, Paula, Christina, Jolene, David, Norman & Gloria, and Karen from Martha’s Vineyard. It is our pleasure to deliver the backpacks filled with so much care and love and to meet the sponsored children we assist. If you would like to send “Rice Money” for the family and have not done so, please send it to Pauline by January 31st.

As in the past January is Haitian Outreach month at St. Bernard’s @ St. Camillus parish. A suggested list of donations is on the back of this page. If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor a child, or have any questions about sponsoring a child, please call Pauline Aliskevicz at 978-807-4397 or go to our website: www.haitianoutreach.net. Donations are happily accepted and PayPal can be used on our website. It is fast and easy.

Please place all donated items in the bins at the doors of the church. Monetary donations can be placed in an envelope labeled “Haitian Outreach” and placed in the weekly collection baskets. Haitian Outreach is 100% tax deductible; all donations go directly to assist the children in the schools we support. If you need a tax deduction form, please contact Pauline.

God Bless You,

Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz, Co-Directors Haitian Outreach