Haitian Outreach

Haitian Outreach Annual Newsletter - May 2017

We are making a difference!

Haitian Outreach is opening its doors on May 6th at the old St. Bernard's on Water St. Fitchburg. We will be accepting donations from 9am-noon on Saturday mornings. We need volunteers to help us sort, pack and count. We are closed on Holiday weekends.

We have much to share with you about what is happening. Our visit to Haiti in March was another success! Our group of 11 volunteers worked tirelessly in the 88 degree heat to distribute backpacks and take information from the children. We saw 315 children out of 334 in 4 days at 6 schools! We have the best team in the world!

Check our website www.haitianoutreach.net in June for pictures being posted of our trip. We do have a few that live in tent structures, and some live in what they call a "house", but it isn't what we think of as a house.


We are accepting gently used items for fall fund raiser, which will be a Yard Sale.

We always accept gently used children's & teen's clothing, and school supplies.

St Bernard's Elementary School topped their goal of 18 backpacks. They collected 21 backpacks, 3 bags of food and 100 beannie babies! Many Thanks!

A generous sponsor, Todd, has purchased a portable water filtration system. This system will enable us to ship less water in the future, which means we can ship more goods. Many thanks Todd!

UNO's in Leominster held a fund raiser on May 10th. 20% of the tab went to Haitian Outreach. Thank you UNO's!

Hurricane Matthew Update

The hurricane area in the south of Haiti is still struggling and in great need. We were able to send $4,000.00 in donations and it was put to use to assist the children to continue the school year. We hope to be able to send more to assist in closing up the roof of the building with tarps and wood during the rainy season. If you would like to donate to the hurricane relief fund, please note it on your sponsorship form

Currently Higher Education

Sponsors Who Passed this Year

Sadly, we lost sever sponsors this winter. Jeannette Spokus was one of them. Before she passed she arranged to start a scholarship fund to assist her two students.

We send our deepest sympathies to families of our dear sponsors who have gone to their just reward.


If you are not receiving our e-mails going out from our website let us know.

Project Update

The roof at St. Marie remains on our project list. The buildings that are only six years old are now deteriorating. This is a big project and educating children always comes first with Haitian Outeach!

Other Projects We Are Considering

  1. Creation of an after school program at St. Marie for the children, which would giv e them a safe place to play, as well as a snack and drink. For many this is all they have in a day to eat. We are planning to use our $2,000.00 from our fund raiser to begin this project.

  2. The other project is to create a computer lab at CDB (Croix des Bouquet or Cross of Flowers) school. We first need to put in an electric system in the school, and then acquire desktop computers. This will bring these children into the 21st century with their studies.

Of Note

There is a computer lab in Lilavois. There are five children to one laptop.

Pray for resources to make these projects happen for the children.

Thank You

Without all of you we could not do what we do in Haiti. We are making a difference in the lives of thse children! We give them hope for their future. We can't assist every child, and the ones we do touch it impacts the course of their lives forever—"One Child at a Time."

Your generosity and support for this mission to educate children in Haiti is invaluable!

Food for Thought

While we were in Haiti we saw many children who want to be in our program and attend school, if yhou know someone who would like to sponsor a child please call Pauline, Rose, Mary, Paula, Christina or any of our volunteers.

Sincerely sending peace and blessings to all of you,

Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz, Co-Directors Haitian Outreach