Haitian Outreach

Haitian Outreach Annual Newsletter - March 2018

Our missionary group of 10 made it safely in and out of Haiti mainly thanks to the culmination of prayers that were said for all of us. We saw 304 children in 6 schools in 5 days. We were delayed in Boston leaving and missed our connecting flight to Haiti. But we were able to make up the day at Lalue on Monday—so everything worked out in the end.

Wish List for Haiti

The Sisters have asked us to help them purchase a larger generator. The electricity in Haiti continues to be off more than on and it is a problem. Funds being raised this year will be used to assist the sisters to purchase a new generator.

The roof is still in need of repair in the convent.

After-School Program

The sisters put this program on hold for several reasons. Our Advisory group will consider other options for the use of the funds raised in 2017.

Sponsors Always Needed

We are always in need of new sponsors for the children. We have over 30 unsponsored children at this time for various reasons. [If you are unable to continue to sponsor a child, please let Pauline know.] We understand that life circum-stances change. These children depend on this support to attend school each year in September.

Bring on the College Students!

Many of our students that graduate from High School go on to 2 and 4 year universities in Haiti. We will now ask if the sponsor is interested in continuing to sponsor the child to attend college. The tuition and backpack will work the same way, except students attending college/universities need $500.00 in September. Individual letters will be sent to those sponsors whose students are graduating and hope to attend college. Reaching out to Higher Education in Haiti is Amazing!

Water Purification

The system worked beautifully and was simple to use. We usually ship 15 cases of water for our use. Haiti does not have rubbish pick up so we saved the environment from all that plastic- Hurrah!

St. Bernard's Pack House- Water St. Fitchburg

Presently, we keep our supplies and donations in the Pack House of the closed church. The church has been for sale for 5 years now and sooner or later it will be sold. We pray for someone to purchase the property and renovate the buildings; maybe even build a new space for Haitian Outreach to continue its amazing work for the children of Haiti. A building with heat and running water would be heaven. If you know of anyone who would be able to help with this dilemma, please call Deacon John at 978-618-9323. Remember we are a tax deductible organization.

Clearance Yard Sale

We still have many items remaining from our Yard Sales last year and expect to have a Clearance Sale in order to reduce the surplus. We have been able to donate books to a Prison; Children's books and games to a new teacher at McKay school, and a local day-care. Some Household items went to Mont. Interfaith Hospitality Network (MIHN). We help to support local charities with items we can't ship to Haiti. Donations were also given to Forward in Health- Gardner.

Thank you to all who work so hard to keep this ministry a float and for the generosity of the good souls whose donations help us help others. Together we are making a difference locally and in Haiti!

What We Are Collecting for 2018

In addition to our school supplies we are also collecting, cans of spam, chicken, tuna, and silver or plastic ware for our schools.

Please Be Sure Your Sponsorship Reaches Us Before July 31st. Principals Meet with Parents/Students Prior To The Start Of The School Year September 2018