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Woodbury School - early 1900's
Coll. Fitchburg Historical Society

Fire at West Fitchburg - Fitchburg Sentinel, Friday, July 5, 1861

Fire at West Fitchburg-The dwelling house of Wm. Woodbury, Jr., says the Reveille, formerly well known as the "old Tavern stand," in West Fitchburg, was burned to the ground Tuesday forenoon. The fire, we understand, was caused by some defect in the chimney. Part of the furniture was saved. We have not learned whether there was any insurance on the building or not. The engines from West Fitchburg were present. The alarm did not reach this village.

Fitchburg Directory 1835-6
Woodbury, William, innkeeper, turnpike
Woodbury, William, Jr., innkeeper, turnpike
Woodbury, Sabin, laborer, W. Woodbury's
p. 21 - Hotels & Taverns - Tavern-William Woodbury, on the turnpike

Fitchburg Directory 1849
Woodbury, William, farmer
Woodbury, William, Jr., farmer
Woodbury, Sabin, farmer
Woodbury, James, farmer

Fitchburg Directory 1860
Woodbury, James P., at Crocker, Burbank & Co's
Woodbury, Henry S., at Crocker, Burbank & Co's
Woodbury, William, wire worker, Turnpike
Woodbury, William, Jr., farmer, Turnpike
Woodbury, James, farmer, Princeton Road
Woodbury, Charles, at W. Woodbury, Jr's

Fitchburg Directory 1861
Turnpike, from Leominster town line, near the house of Seth P. Tylor, by the Alpheus Boutelle place, and the houses of Wm. Woodbury, Jr., John Harris and Wm. Woodbury, to Westminster town line.

Fitchburg Directory 1871-2
Woodbury, William, farmer and lumber dealer, house Old Turnpike